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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Caught between Batu Ferringhi and a hard place

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There's an old adage that says (something like) "if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one". That's exactly what crossed Walski's mind when he came across this news report.

Walski really feels that for some people, complaining is an end to itself. Especially when there is nothing really concrete to complain about, simply that the newly elected Penang state government isn't doing things the way they think it should be done.

Bicker, bicker, bicker... bitch, bitch, bitch... if these 55 civil society groups could think for a bit, and not let their emotions and egos get in the way, they should allow the Penang state government to proceed with whatever grand master plans they have. And then later criticize, IF... and Walski can't emphasize this more... IF there are shortcomings.

Walski's been in the technology business long enough to realize that not tried and true doesn't always mean not good. The same probably applies to governance. Especially if the tried and true, has been tried and proven to not be the best way to go...
(facing ugly smack in the face, and more, in the full post)

Image taken from DeAgostini edicola, hosting by PhotobucketWalski's almost certain that the way things are going, the Lim Guan Eng led Penang government must be seeing all this opposition - if they could all collectively be represented by one face - looking like the ugly fuck you see on the right.

For those not acquainted with the Star Trek universe, that's the face of a Ferengi - pronounced almost exactly like the popular beach in Penang, minus the Batu. Ferengis, by nature, are opportunistic. Anything for a deal... a Ferengi would sell its own mother for a good business deal.

And just like the fictitious extraterretial race, those that have come full force criticizing the new Penang seem like they're pretty opportunistic, in their own ways.

First, it was the Ketuanan UMNO Melayu fucktards... but we all know the motivation here - it's politics, and being sore losers. Then it was the grassroots DAP people - but probably because they couldn't see the "enemy" being on board... And now, folks representing good governance. Who are complaining because.... Err... why are they complaining, anyway?

According the Malaysiakini report Walski earlier mentioned, what the coalition of 55 groups, led by human rights group Suaram, are quite against is what they say is an over-representation of the business community, and that the 36 councillors appointed, overall, are "politically partisan". Furthermore, they say that the appointments were less than transparent in nature.

Another thing is that the appointment of these 36 councillors are not in line with the Pakatan's promises of restoring state councillor elections. And also not in line with a memorandum the coalition issued, as a road-map towards bringing back councillor elections.

Walski's take? While the coalition may be civil society experts at what Good Governance should be, Walski doubts if they are experts in Practical Good Governance. Theories are nice, but putting them to practice, sometimes, is another ball game altogether.

So again, let the new government do what the new government thinks is best. After all, business interests are important, too, because in the end, a sound economy is good news for everybody. And boy, could Penang do with some good news.

The BN-led federal government have, of course, done the totally expected - trying as hard as possible to withhold funds wherever they can to the PR led states. They've done it before, and turn to this despicable strategy once more - starting with tourism development funds. And then you have the delays of the mega projects, with word being that they weren't actually approved in the first place...

What we have right now is a situation where the new Penang state government is literally coming under pressure from just about all angles. In a position Walski doesn't envy one single bit.

Damned if you do, and damned even harder if you don't. It's just like the Penang vacation from hell... caught between Batu Ferringhi and a hard place. With a butt-ugly Ferengi staring you in the face every waking moment... singing this song.