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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Welcome to Hell

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Walski really wasn't planning to blog much today. But this was way, way to good to pass up...

Image hosting by PhotobucketHell gets its new Minister...
(original images from here and here)

Yes, Minister... Welcome to Hell.
(satire in context, and more, in the full post)

And Walski has to thank The Star for this...

The jinx associated with this ministry really didn't occur to Walski before he came across the news report. Neither was he aware that waiting time was the biggest problem with public health.

The Malaysian Medical Resources blog, commenting on the same story had this to say:

"To quote Bushido in the MMR forums, the new Health Minister must realise that the Practice of Medicine is not like Instant Mee. It’s not the duration of the waiting time that is crucial. So what if it is 30 minutes or 90 minutes? What is far more important is what comes out of the encounter with the doctor! If you ensure that “quality service” like patient records not misplaced, lab results not traced or gone missing that would be more meaningful than reducing wait time."
(source: Malaysian Medical Resources)

Well, with skewed priorities like "waiting time" over "quality of service", Walski really wonders if conditions in hell really can be improved. Granted, no one wants to wait an eternity when they go to hospital (pun intended), but any amount of waiting has got to be worth it, too, right?

And thus, the lampooning of the ministries begins... the Ministry of Hell Health, and its new minister being Walski's first victims...