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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Democracy is Dead

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Walski woke up this morning with the realization that democracy is really, truly dead in Malaysia. In fact, as Walski reveals later on, there's even no such country called Malaysia anymore.

Welcome to Malaysia Barisan Nasional...
(hat-tip to Zorro, video by MediaRakyat)

When citizens are arbitrarily hauled up, and arrested for no other reason than to voice out their dissatisfaction against unending escallation of the cost of living, particularly in the last 4 years, call it whatever the fuck else you may want to - Parliamentary Somnambulistic but Totalitarian Police State comes to mind.

But it sure as Hell ain't democracy.

Coupled with the obsession for the glorification of our current leaders, rivalling the most fervent of communist countries, not to mention the same kind of Leninist stranglehold on the press, Malaysia has become more communist than anything else - a (somewhat) free-market communist state.

Elizabeth Wong has a photo-essay on yesterday's police show of force. There were initially over 50 persons detained - including journalists - and who were denied legal counsel during their detention. As of the time of Eli's posting, 10 persons were still yet to be released. What a great way to utilize police resources...

Crime? Fuck crime - mobilize the police to terrorize the people. That's the real job of the police these days. As pit-bulls at the beck and call of the BN masters. More than ever, right this moment, Walski really hates these motherfuckers, who serve even bigger motherfuckers in the BN-led government.

Welcome to the Totalitarian State of Barisan Nasional...
(Malaysia has changed its name, and more, in the full post)

You are probably wondering by now why Walski didn't say "Totalitarian State of Malaysia", aren't you? Well, take a gander at this picture below.

Image hosting by PhotobucketPicture taken somewhere in Kuala Lumpur, capital city of Barisan Nasional

When even the Government thinks that it's not the Government of Malaysia, but Government of Barisan Nasional (which is what Kerajaan Barisan Nasional can also mean), the conclusion that Walski makes is that our country changed its name on the sly. But this name changed happened many years ago in Dr. M's time - Fuck Pak Lah merely inherited it... and has gone to town with it.

Rocky, not too long ago, reported that larger than life images of political leaders were being projected onto the side of KL City Hall tower. It's a typical tool of the communists to portray their leaders as being larger than life - Mao, Stalin, Lenin...

Image hosting by PhotobucketAll Hail our gigantic leader...
(pix taken from Rocky's Bru)

... Pak Lah the size of Godzilla... minus the lizard scales, and breath of fire... now that's an interesting thought. But the propagandist imagery that Walski caught on film was a lot smaller - and included Najib - but lined almost the entire length of Jalan Jelatek, between the Enggang-Keramat intersection and the Setiawangsa 4-way traffic light junction.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother term of Somnambulistic Totalitarianism? Walski says, "Tak Nak!"

And it's not even election time yet - these banners were for the purpose of telling the tax-payers and voters that the government of Barisan Nasional's election machinery is prepared. The tax-payers may not have paid for these posters, banners and flags, but guess who foots the fucking bill for RTM?

RTM - Radio Telivisyen Malaysia - the biggest, most blatant propaganda tool of the Barisan Nasional Government. Funded by tax-payers, for the benefit making glorious Government of Barisan Nasional. And televising crap that passes off as info-tainment.

And you fuckers still think we live in a democracy? When citizens are denied the rights of free speech, free assembly and freedom to associate, without encumbrance from the state, only morons would still think we live in a democratic system. Democracy is a lot, lot more than just being given the privilege to vote every four or five years.

Democracy is Dead... Malaysia is Dead... Long Live the Totalitarian State of Barisan Nasional!