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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Racist provocateurs - kindly go f*** yourselves

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Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketSorry, but Walski felt he had to bleep out the "F" word in the title - RSS distribution and all that... wouldn't want the kiddies to learn that particular colorful word now, do we? So, now that you're in Walski-land, he will repeat the statement, boldly:

Racist provocateurs - kindly go fuck yourselves

Walski, Walski... why the angry words? Well, here's why.

Earlier, Walski got to know about this insidious e-mail that's been going round the Internet, into individual's inboxes, and posted on forums. He will not reproduce what was written verbatim - the e-mail was written in Bahasa Malaysia - rather, Walski will paraphrase (not translate) it in English.

Supposedly, "last night", the police recovered a container full of weapons at Batu Caves. The e-mail alleges that there maybe "another riot" this Sunday in KL. The e-mail further states that Malay Muslim rights have been challenged by Hindraf, and that the Hindus will riot on Sunday, December 16, 9:30am in Kampung Baru (why a different Sunday from the initial one is anyone's guess). The e-mail also asks to forward the e-mail to other Malays, and adds that everyone should be on "standby". The e-mail ends with the words "Our land, our rights - the May 13 tragedy may repeat itself. Don't take this lightly."

It is anyone's guess where this e-mail originated from, or the motive for spreading such maliciousness. The e-mail did mention that the information came from a certain "UMNO division head", allegedly.
(beware the agent provocateurs, and more, in the full post)

Interestingly enough, last night the mainstream news broadcast (TV3 to be precise) did mention that an SMS, which supposedly puts UMNO Youth in a "bad light", has been in circulation. Walski didn't quite catch what the SMS was supposed to have stated, or if the information was similar to the e-mail Walski mentioned.

Well, if you or anyone close to you receives such an e-mail or sms, Walski's advice to you is to delete it immediately, or at the very least, do not distribute it any further. There is enough bad blood and ill-feeling in the air as it is. The last thing we need is to give the authorities any excuse to clamp down.

As for Hindraf, here's what Walski personally feels. Yes, they did go overboard with the "ethnic cleansing" bit. And perhaps that alone has backfired on them. BUT their memorandum does contain valid grouses. At the very least, it does reflect on how they feel they are being treated, albeit a tad on the melodramatic side.

But then again, since when is being melodramatic a crime? Let's not fall into the trap of focusing our attention to the easy-but-lazy Islamophobia blame game, as certain quarters would want us to.

If you haven't read the memo for yourselves, you can take a look at it here (via Rocky's Bru). Read the whole thing before you make any conclusion. As Walski said, there are valid grouses, but Hindraf may have done themselves disservice by making it over-the-top as they have in the memo. Everybody now has their focus on the "ethnic cleansing" claims, and totally losing sight about the bigger picture.

And that bigger picture is that there is marginalization in today's Malaysia, and in the viewpoint of those that Hindraf speaks for, they are the ones being marginalized.

Now go back and re-read the last sentence.

As much as the so-called "Malay" community is not homogenous, neither is the "Indian" one. The easy-but-lazy labelling of "Malay, Chinese, Indian and the ubiquitous others" is another one of those colonialist legacies that we today have adopted with ease, as if it were our own.

Okay, enough with the digressing, Walski.... So, finally, to reiterate one last time:

To Whom It May Concern - those responsible for the sheer irresponsibility of generating and distributing the e-mail (and sms), please, with all due respect, go fuck yourselves. And while you attempt that almost impossible acrobatic act, be sure to wear a condom - you never know what dreaded diseases you may be carrying.

Other than racism, that is. As if racism weren't putrid enough of a disease...