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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Walk

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Although Walski cannot be there physically, he's there spiritually.

BN wants you to believe that it is the government. Why else would they be against free and fair elections, other than the wish to stay in power for eternity. And what the fuck does "inspiration" have to do with free and fair elections? Other than wishful thinking, that they still have the mandate of all the people?

The time is now.
(thoughts on The Walk, and more, in the full post)

In the meantime, BN has once again misused its governmental influence to blacklist people involved with Bersih from speaking to the media. Eli is the latest victim - read about it here in this Malaysiakini report, about the only place you'll hear about it, since most other media outlets are BN owned and controlled.

But be careful - there are forces of agent provocateurs out there who will stop at nothing to ensure that violent action like Batu Burok will once again happen. Susan Loone has posted some thoughts and advice...

Yours is a march of righteousness, against a quasi-dictatorship cleverly disguised as a "guided democracy"... that cares more about staying on in power, than the wants and needs of the people... one that will stop at nothing to retain leadership. May God bless those who walk today, and may He give them strength to stand up for what they believe in... a means for the true voice of the people to be properly heard, via a free and fair electoral process, and not botched up lip-syncing of what BN wants you to believe.

And now, a word from Bob...