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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Poll Position: The Commission Royale

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Walski had asked the question it the last poll. And the people have spoken. Or, at the very least, 72 of the people.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThe MAJORITY want a Royal Commission...

And since according to a certain YB, only the majority counts, extrapolating this result to cover the entire Malaysian adult population, Walski will take it that most of you agree a Royal Commission is the best recourse to look into the judicial miasma.

But since the said YB has admitted he doesn't read blogs, and who has minions whom are equally as blur - it takes one to serve one, so to speak - he'll probably never realize what the people really want. Wishing, instead, to be in a state of Yang Ber-denial...

Well, screw him... but not literally. Ewwwww... If the general unhappiness of the legal fraternity isn't enough, and even the words of a former Lord President (now State Sultan) aren't enough, what more can Walski say?
(more judicial anti-miasma, in the full post)

All is not lost, however, and perhaps some positive news from the bloggerhood is in order. Last night, while recuperating from a long, boring day, Walski chanced upon reading the following, at The People's Parliament.

I hear through the grapevine that as at midnight tonight, there’s a vacancy for the position of top dog in the judiciary.

Guess you can treat this as true if the mainstream media carry no news whatsoever tomorrow on whether someone got his extension or not. That would suggest a news blackout on a ‘no extension’.

May God continue to protect and bestow wisdom on our Rulers.

(source: The People's Parliament)

Remember the Royal Petition to the Agong, which Walski hopes you had signed? Could it be that our Supreme Ruler took notice?

Image hosting by PhotobucketCJ's position expected to be discussed...

Well, not quite a news black-out... but let's just say that what Haris mentioned is still a definite maybe... Similar inconclusive news was reported in the other papers, as well. Walski reckons we'll find out soon enough. Yesterday was Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Rahim's last official day at work - he turns 65 today, and unless his tenure is extended (for which no official announcement has been made), will retire.

Walski's speculation? No real news is indication that the position is indeed vacant, as Haris had opined.

And what of the call for a Royal Commission to look into the Judiciary? And why is the Government so reluctant to accommodate?

Walski has a theory to offer.

Remember the last Royal Commission, and what the primary recommendation was? Yeah, the IPCMC - on which, the Government opted to act by doing nothing. This caused the natives to get restless, with some folks, Walski included, accusing the government to not have the necessary political cojones to act accordingly. A more polite way would probably be to say the lact of "political testicular fortitude".

The net result? A further drop in the people's confidence level. So, having another Royal Commission, and once again not doing anything with the findings being a very valid possibility, the Government has thus far been dragging their feet. To fail to deliver upon another RC's recommendations, yet again, ain't gonna be good for public opinion and general election prospects. As it is, going by a recent straw poll that Aisehman did, the level of confidence regarding AAB sitting in the driver's seat is pretty pathetic - with over 93% of the respondents giving the old man a thumbs down.

That's Walski's take.

The IPCMC - Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission - or, as Walski calls it, the Inevitable Post-Commission Maladroit Cul-de-sac - despite being recommended by the then Royal Commission, remains something almost forgotten.

And Walski thinks that another Royal Commission's recommendations will likely sufer the same fate. So, in the end, why bother with a Royal Commission - unless there can be a follow-up Royal Commission to ensure that the first Royal Commission's recommendations are carried out. With a third commission to ensure the second one is effective.... for good measure.

Perhaps, to cut a long story short - not to mention wastage of resources - the Royals should just start kicking ass, and get some behinds moving... without bothering with a commission... on both the IPCMC, and the Judiciary.

Walski's waited long enough, and is, in comparison, a very patient individual... but even Walski's patience has its limits.