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Friday, March 16, 2007

Thumbs rule

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It's easy to fall into the trap of following one's emotions. Walski will admit that he himself has fallen into this trap more than a few times.

Image hosting by PhotobucketOne thumb to rule them all...

So, the first rule of thumb for Walski, when he launches into a tirade: it's nothing personal. It's not the person, per se, that's being attacked, rather the ideas (particularly the obviously lame-brained ones), and sometimes what said person(s) stands for.

But not the actual person. Sometimes, though, it may seem like it is an attack on the person, but really, it is not. Okay, not usually, anyway. Walski can be scathing sometimes, and he realizes that.

If you feel Walski's broken this rule, please be so kind as to whack (virtually) him on the side of the head.

You may be wondering why this post now. Well, no special reason - it's just something Walski thought about this morning and afternoon.

So, there. Said. Done. Thumbs rule!