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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rock 'n Head Roll..

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What better way to spend Sunday, than to create some parody art... Taking the Web by storm? Or maybe by force? Walski sincerely hopes not.

Image hosting by PhotobucketReady to rock, and hopefully without any heads rolling...
(with a gazillion apologies to David, Chris, Tina and Jerry)

Walski now leaves it to Master Re-lyricist Howsy to write the hits...
(post context, in the full post)

What really triggered the spawning of this latest parody is this new directive from the boys in Putrajaya, which apparently only Malaysiakini had the balls to report verbatim. The rest of the MSM (particularly the English language ones) have, so far, chosen to be compliantly silent (although, The Star did publish something very much related).

Add to this have been the following reports from Walski's favorite 'liars': Rocky's Bru (oh, and belated congratulations on your recently joining the millionaire's club!), Jeff Ooi, The Malaysian, Susan Loone (rather cryptically), and not forgetting KTemoc (here and here). In addition, of course, this news report from the nation's official liar news agency.

Funny, but for a country that's highly allergic to anything remotely Communist, we certainly want to control our press Soviet-style. Far be it for Walski to say so, but some may even think this as (gasp!) hypocritical...

Walski's album parody inspiration note:
Image taken from Wikipedia, hosting by PhotobucketThe parody above was inspired by the album cover of Talking Heads' Remain in Light album (on the left), their 4th studio album, released in 1980. The song titles "re-engineered" for the poster are Psycho Killer, Once in a Lifetime, Perfect World, and of course, the ever popular, one-time MTV staple, Burning Down The House, respectively. All four songs were featured on various Talking Heads albums, and only Once in a Lifetime appears on Remain In Light.

Talking Heads was a seminal music group that grew out of the post-Punk New York music scene, whose music had very heavy social and political subtext. The group produced eight studio albums, between 1977 and 1988, before finally calling it quits. The quartet consisted of David Byrne, Chris Frantz, Tina Weymouth and Jerry Harrison.

David Byrne, lead-man for the group went on to a successful solo career post-Heads, and among some of his achievements include his work on the soundtrack album for Bertolucci's "The Last Emperor", with Ryuichi Sakamoto and Cong Su.

Harrison, on the other hand, has become somewhat of a notable producer, and has produced albums for, among other people, The Violent Femmes, Crash Test Dummies, and No Doubt.

As an additional bit of Talking Heads-related Top-40 trivia: the opening rift to Mariah Carey's 1995 hit "Fantasy" comes from Tom-Tom Club's Genius of Love. Tom-Tom Club is a side-project of husband and wife team Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth. Incidentally, both are also co-collaborators on the Gorillaz project (yeah, that Gorillaz).