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Saturday, February 10, 2007

So much to say, so little time...

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Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketYeah, yeah... this be one of those filler posts to tell you that Walski's kinda out of action for a bit. Work has been absolutely mad the last few days, and at present, Walski's in the middle of preparing some submissions due on Monday.

The Pan Asian hysteria, and the silly polygamy-as-a-cure-for-AIDS silliness, among other things, has been on Walski's mind lately, but alas, to do a proper posting on these (and other pressing issues that are in our face) requires the one commodity Walski's in really short supply of - time.

There's even a meme Girly IT sic'd on him that's way past due... as much as Walski really dislikes memes, a tag's a tag. Hopefully, the schedule will go back to manageable in a few days... time.

Meanwhile, the Pak Lah survey ends at midnight, so you still have a few good hours left to participate, if you wish.

**Sigh** - it's occassions like this where Walski wishes he could clone himself, or take a ride in a time machine, back a few days to whap some people on the side of their heads to make sure they keep their deadlines.

Oh, well... it's back to the grindstone...