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Friday, February 16, 2007

Polar Bear Convergence

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Reports have been filtering in through the woodworks that polar bears from various parts of Canada and Alaska have been spotted migrating north. Wild life researchers reckon that a news report published by The Star last Saturday may explain this strange bearish behavior.

Picking up on this lead, myAsylum's intrepid squadron of CRAP (Cybernetic Remote Autonomous Pararoaches) were swiftly despatched to the cold hinterlands to investigate.

And this is what they discovered...
(the mystery revealed... in the full post)

Image taken from, hosting by PhotobucketPolar bears from all over simply can't wait for April 19
(original image taken from here)

Okay, so this post comes a lot later than it should have, no thanks to Walski being out of blogging action, for reasons of work.

And do check out mob1900's brilliantly hilarious take on this (despite referring to the wrong pole) - hat-tip to Rocky. Also, the polar bear anticipation does answer shanghai fish's rhetorical question of 'how is a parachute jump (by 10 mat-rempit sympathisers) from 1,500m over the North Pole, on the 19th of April, going to make our "princely youths"(i.e. Putera UMNO) into "glocal human assets"?'

Incidentally, KTemoc thinks that this kind of stupidity (and waste of money) is only possible under a rempit-ish government. Walski couldn't agree more.

But the polar bears seem to think otherwise - they think that what Putera UMNO is doing appears to be very, er, tasteful.

Or did they read it wrongly as "glocal human asses"?