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Monday, February 19, 2007

Everybody Loves Irene

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Including Walski.

Okay, for the uninitiated, you must be wondering:
a) who the heck is Irene, and
b) why does everybody (including Walski) love her?

Well, if you wanna find out the answers to both questions, go see Everybody Loves Irene on Tuesday, February 20th, at Room #3 Central Market Annexe Gallery (entrance is with a minimum of RM 10 donation, per person). Big hat-tip to Joe of Ricecooker for reminding Walski of this event.

Image from, hosting by PhotobucketWanna find out why Everybody Loves Irene?

Unfortunately, Walski will still be up in Penang, and won't be able to see 'em. What a bummer! Walski simply loves their sound... dreamy, groovy, and the perfect after-party stuff to chill out and wind down to. Their sound is quite Portishead like - the now somewhat defunct trip-hop group from Bristol, England.

Visit Ricecooker to listen to a full track, "Momento Mori" from their as yet unreleased album "the very first thing you must learn about flying is gravity". The entire album, incidentally, is available for purchase from iTunes.
(more about Irene, and why everybody loves her, in the full post)

Here's a sampling of what Everybody Loves Irene sounds like, from their mySpace page. This is a rough demo of "Gravity Always Wins", which is one of the songs featured on the album.

Image from ELI's Equinox DMD webpage, hosting by PhotobucketThe group hails from Jakarta, Indonesia, and consists of 6 very talented young musicians - 5 guys and a gal on vocals named Irene (whose full name is Yohanna Erine Putri Ana Siregar). The guys that create the beautifully dreamy sonic landscape in which Irene's vocals transcendentally floats thru are Yudhi Arfani (on guitar), Dimas Anindityo (on bass), Aulia Naratama (synths and SFX), Nurendro Siwiaji (keyboards, vibraphone), and Mulyadi Triharsono Imam (drums). If you're in KL on Tuesday, definitely try to catch 'em. Walski thinks it's definitely worth it.

Supporting ELI will be Deepset, Zalacca, and Lord Sunny Day. If you can't catch them at Central Market, Everybody Loves Irene will also be performing on Thursday, February 24 at the Laundry Bar, The Curve. Walski should be back in town by then, and hopefully will be able to catch 'em there instead...