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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Offbeat Travelogue: Member Support

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Been a long time since the last installment of the Offbeat Travelogue posts. And the same excuse applies as the last time Walski put one out - he still ain't got a replacement digital camera for the one that got water-damaged. In any case, let's proceed...

Last weekend, Walski was out with the Mrs and his cousins, one of them being the deliciously handsome Amir Bonafonté. And for the pictures included in this post, Walski has to thank Amir. Anyways, we had an early dinner at the Desa Sri Hartamas area, in one Walski's favorite eateries there - Souled Out. And this place is indeed one of the best arond Klang Valley, with its fantastic assortment of local, regional and Western cuisine selections - truly metropolitan. And no complaints from Walski about this place whatsoever - great food and fantastic service.

What Walski did find odd was during a trip to the Gents' washroom. One of the cleaner ones you'll probably find in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking closer, Walski was truly perplexed by this contraption which adorns the angular U-shaped urinal. WTF could these metal supports be? "Member" supports?

Image hosting by PhotobucketBird's-eye-view of the mysterious objects...

Image hosting by PhotobucketMystery close up... wtf are these supports?

(Walski tries to make sense of the metal supports, in the full post)

If they are indeed "member" supports, as far as Walski knows, Souled Out is definitely off-limits to large (or any size) wildlife that would possibly need metal "member" supports. To be certain that it wasn't for human use, Walski had to make sure.

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski investigates the mysterious supports...

Nope - definitely not for human use. Unless your name is Biggus Dickus - and you're about 18ft tall (which means you'd have to be on your knees, and hence the possible need for support). Or if your member is so gargantuan in size that it makes the late John Holmes' one look like a toothpick.

The one thing that Walski should have done - but didn't - was to ask the staff there wtf these things actually are. Maybe next time.

Anybody out there have a clue?

Image hosting by PhotobucketWalski's travel-guide footnote: Souled Out is located at No. 20 Jalan 30/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas. Click here for a map (in PDF), particularly if you want to see the member supports with your own two eyes - or better yet, ask the nice staff there to explain what they are actually for. Their site also has an online Reservation page - which is what Walski would recommend - as their name implies, they are usually quite full on weekend and Public Holiday evenings...

Walski, on the other hand, has no reservations whatsoever... about anything (pun fully intended).