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Monday, January 01, 2007

Last Post...

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Goodbye 2006!

Happy New Year 2007!
And first post for 2007.
Happy New Year, Malaysia.

Updated: But it seems, the eve of the New Year began with a bang in Bangkok... literally. The Malaysian posted on this at the stroke of midnight, KTemoc a little earlier. The BBC also has a report here, released earlier in the evening (around 11:34pm). A series of explosions in Bangkok has claimed the lives of two (or 3 depending on which news agency) and wounding dozens of others. Among those injured were foreign tourists.

Image from BBC, hosting by PhotobucketLocations of the blasts around Bangkok yesterday
(image taken from BBC News report)

No Malaysians, however, were reported injured in the blasts (according to the BBC report).

In Kuala Lumpur, fortunately, the only explosions seen and heard were of the happier kind - fireworks. Like this fireworks display, part of the massive festivities at The Curve (shot from a distance), which went on and was well-attended, despite calls from PAS to stay home and pray, not party.

And with Visit Malaysia Year 2007 officially underway, we can expect more festivities through out the year, with much fanfare, more fireworks, and hopefully, clean toilets.