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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Episode 5 - The MSM Bites Back...

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Update @ 2250hrs: The Sun has picked up this story. One interesting bit is a statement in the article, by an un-named source "close to the top NSTP management" (emphasis by myAsylum):

A source close to the top NSTP management said the company has not specified any amount of damages.

"We will leave it to the court to decide. The purpose of the suits is to help to promote responsible blogs," said the source who declined to be named.

Intimidation, it seems, has a brand new name - "promote responsibility".

Meanwhile, the international media has also picked up on this, namely Al-Jazeera, International Herald Tribune, and Reuters.

Original post:
The papers have been served.

For the first time in Malaysian history, two prominent bloggers have been sued for defamation by the NST and four other individuals.

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Image hosting by PhotobucketClick image to view the post

If you were wondering why Kickdefella had posted this, wonder no more. Susan Loone broke this news some days back, by the way.

In any case, it's now official. The papers have been served. Walski won't comment on the legal aspects of this, as it is beyond his expertise, not to mention the cases being sub judice.

So, bloggers, what's our response? Walski stopped buying a long time ago. To mis-quote a well known cliche:

When the buying stops, so will the lying...

Catch Walski's drift?
Update @ 1804hrs: Apparently, The Malay Male has... (see here also)

Using the legal system is not going to buy the NST back any credibility. In fact, Walski thinks that the effect will be quite the opposite. We'll see...

To Jeff and Rocky - may the Force be with you...