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Monday, December 25, 2006

Walski's Christmas Message...

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Christmas is different things to different people.

For some, it is the religious observance of Christ's birthday - despite the fact that Christ wasn't actually born on December 25, 1 CE. But then again, the actual Hijrah (Muhammad's exodus from Mecca to Medina) didn't really happen on 1 Muharram, 1 AH either. But that's the way the date-setting cookie crumbles... so, that's just fine.

For others it's a time to let loose and party the night away, "counting down" to the stroke midnight, like it had any significance. And that's okay, too. Just make sure the designated driver does the chauffering duties, or take a cab and make sure you get home safely.

For Walski, it's about having close friends get together for a good meal and a good time. No religious significance whatsoever. It's also a time to hope and pray for a better tomorrow - for all mankind - regardless of creed, race, or which team you want as champions of the 2006/2007 English Premier League. Personally, Walski says Liverpool - and yes, it's absolutely a biased opinion.

And of the many Christmas ditties ever written, there is one that still resonates with Walski after all these years - maybe because it's about everything Walski wishes Christmas to be, for everyone. And no, it's not "Gandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer".

And so, in the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, closing the most bodaciously excellent history presentation in "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure",

Be excellent to one another... and...

Merry Chritsmas!!

p.s. - speaking of being excellent to one another, and since this is the season of giving, why not give a helping hand to the Red Crescent, who are running an operations center for the Johor flood victims, at the Puteri Pan Pacific Hotel, Johor Bharu. Enquiries & Donation Hotlines: (07) 219-9995 or (07) 219-9996. Thanks to MarinaM for the info.