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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Market Adventure

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Update: If you're reading this post after 6pm on December 17, 2006, most of the information is no longer valid. However, the cool wavy-woman candleholder is still available...

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis post is brought to you live from Plaza Mont Kiara, where Walski is helping the Mrs with her first arts & crafts market venture.

One of the cool items we have on sale is the candleholder you see on the left. It stands approximately 12" tall, and is made from copper, with light-weight wrought-iron supports. As of 5 minutes ago, the item is still available.

Apart from this, we have hand-made candles, ornamental candles and glassware, plus batik-based placemat sets, bags and even throw rugs.

The candles are quite unique, and some came from the recent trip to Norway. Ideal Christmas gift your friends or loved ones.

So, if you live around KL, have some time to spare this afternoon, and are clueless as to what to do, hop on over and you may just get to meet with Walski... heh-heh. The market's open until 6pm, and is on every Sunday from around 10:00am. And for a change, the weather today seems to be cooperative.

And just in case the wavy-lady candleholder gets sold out, we're at booth number 114. We're participating in today's market primarily to see if there is a market for the kind of arts and crafts we're planning to get into as a business.

By the way, there are loads of cool stuff available at the various stalls this Sunday market (except food) - arts & crafts, clothes, shoes, costume jewelery, and even garden plants. The stall next to Walski sells some toys and used CDs. Walski's not had a chance to see what kind of music is available.

Business hasn't been too bad, for first-timers. We managed to sell quite a few items today, in particular the candles. For sure, if today is any indication, there definitely is a market for the stuff - we just have to find the right combination of craft types...

Always a first time for everything, eh?