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Monday, December 11, 2006

Holy Gadget Catalog, Batman!

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Walski's Bat-note: Since the last few posts touched on rather serious stuff, Walski figured it was time to change the pace a bit, and post on something a little more light-hearted...

Cover art by Jim Lee and Scott Williams from Batman #608 [second printing], December 2002. Copyright DC Comics. Source: Wikipedia, Image hosting by PhotobucketSome people simply have too much passion, and time, on their hands. (Hat tip:

Ever wondered what gadgets Batman has used throughout the comic book hero's spectacular media history (from comics to TV to the big screen and everything else in between)? Well, wonder no more.

A Batman-cum-weapons enthusiast (presumably named Christopher Kainwind) has painstakingly cataloged every single gadget, device and weapon ever to have appeared in anything Batman.

Included in this massive cataloging exercise are 3 RPG (Role Playing Game) versions of the Batman character, Batman in video games, books, films and several generations of comic book Batmans.

The site also includes a section detailing what gadgets/weapons Batman should have!

Walski has to admit that it takes a lot of passion and patience to have generated such an inclusive catalog, and truly - hats off to Mr. Kainwind!! True, Walski's a Batman fan too - but this has to be the ultimate fan-tastic effort.

Meanwhile, in the Bat Cave...
(more Batman news in the full post)

While searching for other Batman-related material for this post, Walski stumbled upon a site called Batman on Film, a fan site dedicated to the Dark Knight version of Batman, popularized by graphic novel artist Frank Miller's 1986 retelling of the Batman mythos. The Batman on Film (BOF) site is a gem of a chance-find, and it has up-to-date information on the upcoming Batman film.

Image from, hosting by PhotobucketYes folks, the latest film metamorphosis of the Batman character, Batman Begins, has a sequel due out in July 2008. Entitled The Dark Knight, Batman will once again be played by Christian Bale. Other actors slated to reprise their roles from Batman Begins are Michael Caine and Gary Oldman.

The sequel will also see the rebirth of The Joker, to be played by actor Heath Ledger. It will be interesting how Ledger will portray the popular villian, whose characterization by Jack Nicholson (in the 1989 Batman) is perhaps the best by far to-date.

Returning to helm the film will be director Christopher Nolan, and once again the film will be scored by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (hopefully it will be as superb as their work on BB).

Walski will be honest - he usually doesn't think much of sequels, but if Batman Begins were any indication, The Dark Knight will definitely be worth the year-plus wait...