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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Groeten van Amsterdam

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or, Greetings from Amsterdam, in English.

Image hosting by PhotobucketMetropolitan, liberal and just plain interesting...

And because the el-relatively-cheapo hotel Walski's staying at doesn't have broadband in the room, there will be a slight drought of posts until mid-week, when Walski's back in Malaysia and recovered from the time difference.

Suffice it to say, Amsterdam is one cool city... except for the friggin' rain - which, coupled with 10 degC temperature makes for one miserable time out. But the city itself more than makes up for it, it must be said.

The highlight of the trip so far? Visiting the Anne Frank museum (bet you thought Walski was going to say something else, didn't you?).

Sorry, no pictures or videos - yet. But not being able to do this in the room (they do provide a common area with free broadband) kinda puts a damper on doing a proper post.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is Walski's last day out of the country. Been keeping tabs with what's been happening back home, though. Doesn't look all that rosy, Walski thinks.

In any case, more posts coming your way soon.... stay tuned.