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Saturday, November 25, 2006

In Norway, no one can hear Malaysia scream...

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Well, okay - not physically, anyway. In any case, greetings from Norway!

Yes folks, finally made it to Stavanger, Norway a few hours ago. It's not that cold (roughly about 12 degC or 54 degF), but very wet. Did Walski ever mention he loves cold weather?

Image hosting by PhotobucketRain, at 12 degC somehow feels wetter... 2pm local time!

One thing both Walski and the Mrs forgot to pack was umbrellas. And the forecast doesn't look too good either. Rain and more rain expected for the next few days.

This is Walski's first time in Norway, or for that matter, the Scandinavian region. Stavanger itself is a rather smallish town, but is Norway's Oil & Gas center. Perhaps, weather permitting, we might go venture out a little more. We were out for a bit while waiting for our hotel room to be ready, but the rain really put a damper on things.

People here are friendly, and more importantly, speak English. So communicating with the locals is no problem. Unlike France or Italy. But then again, that was about 6 years ago, and the language situation may have changed.

On the way into town from the airport, Walski noticed a couple of nice things. First, there are bicycle lanes all over the place. Secondly, drivers here are quite curteous, and actually stop at zebra crossings. Which is nice, if you're a padestrian.

So, what the heck is Walski doing here, you may ask? Well, Walski, in real life, works in the Instrumentation & Process Control industry as a consultant of sorts. Walski's in Stavanger to attend training on one of the new products that he will be involved with.

Yes, folks - Walski's an engineer.

(more in the full post)

Well, Walski didn't manage to get much shut-eye on the 18-hour journey here (KLM really crams their economy class passengers in like sardines), and the body is starting to feel a little weary... so, more on Stavanger later.

Another nice thing - the hotel has free broadband. And for a change, broadband actually feels broad... And so, while Walski can't actually hear Malaysia scream, he can sure as hell read about it.

Probably faster than reading about it at home, via Malaysia's not-so-broad broadband... Later!

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