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Monday, November 20, 2006

In Memoriam: Tan Sri Mohd Khir Johari (1923 - 2006)

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"I want to contribute to national unity. The national unity in the true sense of the word. Ask me to do any job which will contribute towards that and I will do it without any question" (source: Bernama)

Image hosting by PhotobucketKhir Johari while the Permenant Representative to the United Nations (1975 - 1976)

Yesterday, Malaysia lost a great statesman. Perhaps one of its greatest. And the quote above, chosen to open a Bernama report perhaps states best the nature of this great man, a true statesman and humanitarian. Perhaps more poignant today because that's what is sorely lacking in today's Malaysia. Especially having witnessed the UMNO General Assembly this past week.

And as esteemed blogger The Malaysian states in the comments section of his post, it is the young Khir Joharis that are needed in politics today, particularly in UMNO.

His accomplishments are many, both in Government and also outside of it. More notably, he was also President Emeritus of the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) Malaysia, and in December 2004 received an award celebrating his lifetime contribution towards conservation of nature and environmental protection. To many, Pak Khir will also be remembered for his tenacity in advancing sports in Malaysia.

Pak Khir was given a state burial today in Kuala Lumpur.

myAsylum extends our sincere and heartfelt condolence to the family of this great man. His contributions towards nationhood will forever be an important part of our nation's history.

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