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Monday, October 23, 2006

Ops Sikap XI: Another record-breaking harvest day...

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As expected, days 4 and 5 of Ops Sikap XI have proven to be a bumper crop for the Grim Reaper.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis holiday season has been a productive one for the 'ol Reaper

On Deepavali day, October 21, 2006, an additional 17 deaths have been reported. Total number of reported road mishaps (of various severities) were 1,239! Up to Day 5, since the start of the 10th operations franchise sequel, a total of 5,752 accidents have occurred on Malaysian roads. The future looks very bright for the Malaysian kereta potong industry.

But didn't they say the speed limit has been lowered? Hate to say, "Walski told you so", but...
(more vellu-added commentary in the full post)

So much so that the Malaysian Cabinet's official living fossil vented his frustration and disgust in The Star today. But what's there to be disgusted about, Uncle Sam... the killer stretches and black spots still remain year after year, ever ready to be the subject of your media fodder... Why don't you actually do something about it, instead of bitch and moan about how much it will cost. What? Afraid you won't have enough money to continue with those hair weave treatments? It's not your money after all... (Walski's note to potential commenters: Let's not even go there, OK?)

Better yet, do what myAsylum commenter WTF has suggested: lower the toll rates so that more motorists will use the toll highways, which have been proven to be statistically safer. Even better: improve our rail network, nationwide - and not just along the West Coast main rail trunk line - but a nation-wide world class rail network. Malaysia, boleh?

There are solutions, no doubt - but not the will to do it.

That, and the fact that without all these needless road deaths to moan about from time to time, the rakyat will once and for all realize that Uncle Samy is way past his shelf-date, and no longer a Vellu-add component of the (almost wooden) Cabinet.

Meanwhile, the Grim Reaper looks forward to a busy week ahead...