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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Halloween in Darul ToyoL

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Walski's Quickie Glossary:
Toyol - a mythical Malay child-ghost, common in South East Asian mythology.
Darul ToyoL - State of Toyo Ltd.

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It's sorta fitting this news should be in today's news. You know, being Halloween and all.

Image hosting by PhotobucketCorruption? OK! Semuanya OK!
(click on image for the news report)

One would have thought that once the Sultan had told him to go, that would have been that. Apparently, there are powers wanting to be mightier than the esteemed ruler. Or at least louder.

For the cynics like Walski, the message the Klang UMNO buggers are giving seems to be this:
Break the Law? Semuanya OK! Sultan silap! Dakyah pembangkang! (Everything's OK! Sultan is mistaken! It's Opposition propaganda!).

Incidentally, along the same lines, KTemoc has an update on some shamefully thuggish behavior exhibited by these die-hard supporters, hurling threats (and racial slurs) at protesters calling for the demolishing of Castle Md Deros.

It also shows how unblinkingly loyal some of these UMNO grassroots people can be. The concept of wrong and right doesn't register. Instead it's loyalty to the leader of the pack, 24-7. And it doesn't matter if said leader is good, bad or ugly.

And being that time of year, The Star reports that the troubles plauging Datuk Zakaria Md Deros may have its roots in the choice of land for the assemblyman's palatial abode. Yes, folks, it's yet another case of bad feng shui.

Aahh... it really feels like Halloween in Darul ToyoL - what a state this state is in... And now it appears that Datuk Zakaria may not be the only bad apple councillor in Klang. The Star has also reported another two Klang councillors getting stop work orders on their houses, which - surprise, surprise - also didn't have their plans submitted to the council.

Meanwhile the Big ToyoL himself has begun spinning to his defense, that he had actually asked Zakaria to resign before the audience with the Sultan.
(more Halloween spin to make your head spin in the full post)

Image hosting by PhotobucketSpin, Spin, Spin... said the spider ToyoL
(click on image for the news report)

Too bad he only thought of releasing this little piece of news nugget long after the audience with the Sultan had been reported far and wide. Walski supposes that mythical creatures of such dimunitive proportions move at a slower pace than the rest of mankind...

As per standard operating procedure, esteemed blogger The Malaysian has his take on this.

Is it Walski? Or is it Memorex? Or is it simply just Halloween magic, here in the wonderfully strange and almost mythical land of Darul ToyoL?