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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Anger (Mis)Management: 16 virtual ways to Whack Your Boss

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Walski's note: Some of you may find this somewhat inappropriate, being the festive season and all that (okay, it's a post-holiday filler post, of sorts). However, Walski thinks that this is a good tool to keep your anger under control - particularly the workplace related kind. It also helps with road-rage, so Walski's told... Regardless, enjoy the tool...

Walski found this Flash animation game a last week, before the holidays (hat-tip: Matrix Chronicle). No, Walski doesn't actually hate his boss... at least not enough to whack him off. See if you can find all the ways to whack this hypothetical office terror-monger of a boss. At least it's more legal than actually doing your human boss in... a lot less messy, too.

Instructions: Move your mouse pointer around to search for an object to whack the boss with (the object will get highlighted), then left-click the object. The rest of the dirty deed is done for you. This version has 16 objects in all. After each whack-job is complete, click the Cleaner button (your bloody handiwork will be cleaned up for you), then proceed to look for the next object. You may want to check, as they do update the game with more objects, from time to time.
(Boss-icide fun in the full post)

Important Disclaimer: Neither Walski, nor the management of myAsylum, condones any form of real physical violence. Virtual violence is tolerated... plus it's better than taking out a bad day at work on your dog, cat, kids, wife, neighbor's wife... also helps with road-rage, so we're told...