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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sah! Akmal Abdullah Perosak Minda Melayu

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This, by the way, is myAsylum's Post #100.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHardly the way Post #100 should be celebrated. Nor was it how Walski planned this centenary post to be.

But it had to be done. To prove to the Malaysian public at largesse that Akmal "a god in his own 2cc mind" Abdullah is the destroyer of the Malay intellect. Akmal Abdullah is the manipulater and Satan-general with the responsibility of keeping the Malay intellect at-large under seige, and blind. He is a liar, a manipulater and a God-forsaken bigot.

In the last myAsylum post, we highlighted the New Landscape of Censorship in Malaysia. A landscape where the opinion of one imbecilic mind and his horde of fly-by-night copywriters can sway the opinion of Government.

The following is proof positive that the special screening of Lelaki Komunis Terakhir to Members of Parliament, and the MP's reaction afterwards, showed that nothing offensive was found in the film. Yes, there were critiques coming from an older generation that may not appreciate the road-movie style the film was made (they just couldn't appreciate the style). Yes, there were critiques that the film was amateurish.

But offensive and deserving of the ban? Not one person even came close. Except for Akmal "I'm a fucking yellow-bellied liar and getting away with it" Abdullah.

But don't take Walski's word for it. See for yourself - four parts of a gonzo-style interview with the MPs who participated in the special screening. Watch all four parts then answer the questions Walski poses after.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

So, was Akmal "minuteMind mouthpiece" Abdullah confused when he proclaimed that LKT was incidious communist propaganda? Or is it that he doesn't have the sub-moronic mental capacity? Or, worse, is he just plain-as-day mouthing off literary gibberish to espouse a point of view that is myopic and chauvinistic? Or is he just plain brainless? Or all of the above?

Who knows? But one thing is for sure. Walski will credit him with being the pioneer of the Malay Chauvinistic Press - MCP - complete with all the other wonderful connotations this acronym has to offer. May Akmal enjoy his reign as Malaysia's most hated person in the real artistic community...

You know, just the other day, Walski tried to wipe the feces of his butt with a page off the Berita Harian where the Epilog article was printed, and the shit just wouldn't stick. That's just how much credibility this sorry excuse for a human being has in Walski's book.